Asus x200ca Review : Specs, Bettery life

The Asus x200ca is an 11.6 inch laptop that is certainly small and features a plastic casing and got good reviews for that. It has an intuitive touchscreen as well as lightweight and portable design. It is a perfect choice of laptop whether you just want to play catch up at home or use it for serious office work.

Even though it does not have closed width such as that of MacBook air, it is quite svelte and it still gives a vibe that is slightly chunky. Its plastic casing is lightly textured and it adds corners that are slightly curved to its typically angular design.

Asus laptop specs and screen quality

The Asus x200ca features a HD resolution that is perfect when it comes to showcasing games as well as movies in brilliant color. You will not have to worry about storage space since it comes with a 320 GB hard drive that gives you a lot of room for storing your documents, music, photos, videos and more.

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Its speed of operation is excellent as enabled by the 4 GB memory and the dual core processor. Whether you are using it for basic entertainment, office computing or heavy duty programming, it is not going to disappoint you.

x200ca’s usb and blu-ray

Another incredible feature of this laptop is its USB 3.0 that allows you to experience ultrafast data speeds that are more than 10 times compared to that of a USB 2.0. You can transfer or back up your contents and files in a few seconds without being subjected to long waiting times. You can transfer a 25 GB Blu-ray movie in about a minute. The laptop also has exclusive super hybrid engine II that has Instant On which enables it to have smartphone-like accessibility. This feature allows the laptop to resume from sleep mode in as short as two seconds.

Touchpad and Camera

asusx200ca battery life Asus x200ca’s touchpad is about 41% larger than those found on other laptops of the same size.

It is a multi-touch that has been equipped with Smart Gesture technology that supports multi-finger input, multi-finger scrolling, it recognizes intuitive pinch zoom as well as rotating command gestures.

The laptop’s keyboard is a seamless Chiclet that has one-piece construction to eliminate float key situations and also make sure that there are responsive keystrokes for quick as well accurate typing. With its 720p HD camera, you will be able to keep in touch with family and friends via very clear video calls.

Asus x200ca review : sound

The sound on the Asus x200ca is incredible. It features a Sonic Master-enhanced audio that has been developed by ASUS audio experts and it comprises larger stereo speakers as well as resonance chambers that have been precisely tuned to deliver rich and detailed sound. Tuning the sound is made easier with the AudioWizard tuning software that has been equipped with six preset audio modes.

asusx200ca specs

It allows you to conveniently switch between the audio settings in order to get an awesome experience when you are listening to music, playing games or watching movies. It runs on windows 8 operating system that is lightweight, very fast and generally offers a remarkable computing experience. Asus x200ca is a laptop that you will definitely like.